Expert Panel 1: ‘Welfare Conditionality: Conceptualising and Justifying Conditionality?’

December 16, 2013     Leave a Comment

The first event of the project was an International Expert Panel, discussing the concept of conditionality and whether it was justified. You can download the presentations here.

The links below will download pdf versions of the speakers’ presentations.

13.12.11 Mapping the Key Concepts Presentation by Dr Beth Watts, Heriot-Watt University

13.12.11 Reasons and Conditions Presentation by Prof Lawrence Mead, New York University

13.12.11 Conditionality and Political Economy Presentation by Dr Chris Grover, Lancaster University

13.12.11 Individual Autonomy Presentation by Prof. Dr. Sigrid Betzelt, Berlin School of Economics and Law

13.12.11 Ethics and Social Welfare Presentation by Prof. Hartley Dean, London School of Economics and Political Science

Watch two short videos of the speakers discussing their views of Welfare Conditionality


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