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Welfare conditionality and families

December 11, 2017     Leave a Comment

Our Director Professor Peter Dwyer recorded a video and slides titled ‘Welfare conditionality: some issues and concerns for families and children’ which were presented at the ‘Picking up the pieces : the fallout of welfare reform’ forum on 20 October 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

No strings attached? An exploration of employment support services

September 25, 2017     Leave a Comment

WelCond team member Katy Jones presented a paper titled: ‘No strings attached? An exploration of employment support services offered by third sector homelessness organisations’ at the Feantsa European homelessness organisation’s annual conference. This year’s conference, held in Barcelona on 22 September, was themed on the changing profiles of homelessness and implications for services. View Katy’s presentation slides

Support, coercion and resistance: social policy in the age of austerity: our PhD symposium 8-9 March 2017

March 20, 2017     Leave a Comment

Our project PhD students presented their research over two days at an event in York. Listed below are the presentations with links to the students’ slides.

Can you ‘make’ families change their behaviour?
Emily Ball, University of Sheffield

Disabled person and welfare claimant: mutual identity or dichotomy of difference?
Joanne Brown, University of Glasgow Read More

Rewriting the contract: reflections on the ethics of welfare conditionality

February 14, 2017     Leave a Comment

Rotterdam City Council invited Welfare Conditionality Project Director Professor Peter Dwyer to speak at a national event about welfare conditionality in the Netherlands and more particularly ‘Tegenprestatie’. Roughly translated into English this refers to the ‘civic contribution’ that Dutch people are required to make when in receipt of social assistance benefits. View his presentation to ‘De zin en onzin van de Rotterdamse Tegenprestatie’, Rotterdam, January 18th 2017

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