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Academic papers by team members

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Dwyer, P. and Wright, S., (2014) ‘Universal Credit, ubiquitous conditionality and its implications for social citizenship’, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice. Volume 22, Number 1, February 2014, pp. 27-35(9). (OPEN ACCESS TILL 31 DEC 2017) DOI:

Fletcher, D. R. and Wright, S., (2017) ‘A hand up or a slap down? Criminalising benefit claimants in Britain via strategies of surveillance, sanctions and deterrence’, Critical Social Policy. pp1-22. (OPEN ACCESS) DOI:

McNeill, J., Scullion, L., Jones, K. and Stewart, A.B.R., (2017) ‘Welfare conditionality and disabled people in the UK: claimants’ perspectives’, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice. Volume 25, Number 2, June 2017, pp. 177-180(4) (OPEN ACCESS) DOI:

Watts, B., Fitzpatrick, S. and Johnsen, S. (2017) ‘Controlling homeless people? Power, interventionism and legitimacy’, Journal of Social Policy. (OPEN ACCESS) DOI:

Fitzpatrick, S. and Watts, B. (2017) ‘Competing visions: security of tenure and the welfarisation of English social housing’, Housing Studies, pp1-18. (OPEN ACCESS) doi:

Povey, L. (2016) ‘Where Welfare and Criminal Justice Meet: Applying Wacquant to the Experiences of Marginalised Women in Austerity Britain’, Social Policy and Society, pp. 1–11. (OPEN ACCESS) doi: 10.1017/S1474746416000609

Fletcher, D., Flint, J., Batty, E., McNeill, J. (2016) ‘Gamers or victims of the system? Welfare reform, cynical manipulation and vulnerability’, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 24( 2), pp. 171-185(15) (OPEN ACCESS)

Crawford, J. and Flint, J. (2015) ‘Rational fictions and imaginary systems: Cynical ideology and the problem figuration and practice of public housing’, Housing Studies, 30(5), pp. 792-807 (OPEN ACCESS)

Flint, J., Kruithof, B. and Powell, R. (2015) ‘Introduction- Civilising Offensives’, (editorial to special issue), Human Figurations, 4(1).  (OPEN ACCESS)

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