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Decision making and mandatory reconsideration: Social Security Advisory Committee

August 31, 2016     Leave a Comment

Our project gave evidence in March 2016 to the SSAC’s consultation on the important issue of decision making and mandatory reconsideration in the welfare benefits system, which has now reported. A number of respondents in our study who had been sanctioned and took action to initiate mandatory reconsideration or appeal found the process complex, time-consuming, lengthy and costly. Because of these factors the majority did not pursue a mandatory reconsideration or appeal.

Read our evidence to the SSAC consultation

Read the SSAC report

Evidence: in-work progression in Universal Credit

February 1, 2016     Leave a Comment

Our project gave evidence to the Commons Work and Pensions Committee’s inquiry in January. We argue that for those in work, UC is intended to increase labour market attachment. However, our research has found that in practice, conditionality can be counterproductive – undermining work incentives and opportunities rather than reinforcing them. Claimants were disadvantaged by a lack of support to balance the requirements placed on them. Read More

Briefing to parliamentarians

July 29, 2015     Leave a Comment

Project director Professor Peter Dwyer discussed welfare and conditionality with parliamentarians and other policy influencers at an All Party Parliamentary Group in July 2015. The APPG for Social Science and Policy heard presentations on welfare benefits reform and its effects. Read our ESRC Evidence briefing prepared for the meeting and Professor Dwyer’s short presentation.

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