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Dwyer, P. (2020) ‘Questions of conduct and social justice: the ethics of welfare conditionality within UK social security’ pp. 198-210 in Eleveld, A., Kampen, T., and Arts, J. [eds.] Welfare to work in contemporary European welfare states: legal, sociological and philosophical perspectives on justice and domination, Bristol, The Policy Press.

Dwyer, P. (ed) (2019) ‘Dealing with welfare conditionality: implementation and effects’. Policy Press.

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Dwyer, P. (2017) ‘Rewriting the contract? Conditionality, welfare reform and the rights and responsibilities of disabled people’, Chapter 8 in Social Policy in an Era of Competition: from global to Local Perspectives, Horsfall, D and Hudson J. [eds], Bristol, the Policy Press.

Dwyer, P. (2016) ‘Citizenship, conduct and conditionality: sanction and support in the 21st century UK welfare state’, pp. 41-62 in Social Policy Review 28 Bristol, The Policy Press /Social Policy Association.

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