Social (in)security? Exploring the impacts of welfare conditionality, SPA conference July 2017

July 12, 2017     Leave a Comment

WelCond team members held a symposium on welfare conditionality at the Social Policy Association annual conference on 11 July 2017. The presentations are detailed here.


Conditionality mismatch: Universal Credit, in-work conditionality and the new coerced worker claimant

WelCond team members Dr Sharon Wright and Professor Peter Dwyer explore a series of problems with the Universal Credit system. In particular for recipients in work, they argue, UC creates a series of conditionality mismatches.

“I’ve always been a grafter”: Older jobseekers’ experiences of work and welfare

WelCond researcher Katy Jones finds that the characteristics and experiences of ‘older jobseekers’ in our study are at odds with talk around successful ‘baby boomers’.

Benefit sanctions and behaviour change?

Project Director Professor Peter Dwyer summarises some key project findings to date.


Sanctions, support and Service leavers: welfare conditionality and transitions from military to civilian life

Dr Lisa Scullion outlines a new project to explore the experiences of Service leavers within our mainstream conditional benefits system. The two year project, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, will provide a qualitative evidence base on the impacts of welfare conditionality on Service leavers and their families.


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