Welfare sanctions and conditionality: initial main report

July 7, 2015     Leave a Comment

The project’s main initial report, titled Welfare sanctions and conditionality in the UK, was published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in September 2014.

It finds that:

  • benefit sanctions are disproportionately affecting young people under 25, and there is evidence of severe impacts on homeless people and other vulnerable groups;
  • international evidence indicates that benefit sanctions substantially raise exits from benefits, and may increase short-term job entry; but there are unfavourable longer-term outcomes for earnings, job quality and employment retention;
  • there are concerns that welfare conditionality can have unintended consequences, including: distancing people from support; causing hardship and even destitution; displacing rather than resolving issues such as street homelessness and anti-social behaviour; and negative impacts on ‘third parties’, particularly children.

Read the full report on the JRF website

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