What difference do Scotland’s legal rights to housing make to homelessness?

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Watch an interview with team member Dr Beth Watts as she discusses the impact Scotland’s legal rights to housing have on homeless people and the outcomes of homelessness policy.

This interview comes from a series of videos highlighting plenaries given at the European Network for Housing Research Conference. Further information and videos can be found on the I-SPHERE Research and Policy Blog.

Understanding behaviour change and the role of conditionality

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This Monday, the third expert seminar as part of the ESRC ‘Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions, Support and Behaviour Change’ research project took place in Sheffield. A range of experts, speaking from diverse perspectives (economics, human geography, sociology and psychology) were invited to give their take on the role of welfare conditionality in changing the behaviour of welfare recipients.

For me, a key theme during the day was that making access to welfare benefits and services conditional is only one of a multitude of tools and mechanisms that might be used to shift people’s behaviour:
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International expert panel discusses welfare conditionality

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Last week, the first event of our research project ‘Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions, Support and Behaviour Change’ took place at the University of York. This five year (2013-2018) programme aims to create an international and interdisciplinary focal point for social science research on welfare conditionality, that is, the linking welfare benefits and services to ‘responsible’ behaviour.

The project brings together teams of researchers working in six English and Scottish Universities and has two core aims:

1. Effectiveness: to develop an empirically and theoretically informed understanding of the role of welfare conditionality in promoting and sustaining behaviour change among a diversity of welfare recipients over time;

2. Ethicality: to consider the particular circumstances in which the use of conditionality may, or may not, be ethically justified.
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Conceptualising and Justifying Conditionality?

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International expert panel discuss welfare conditionality

The first event of the research project ‘Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions, Support and Behaviour Change’ takes place on Wednesday 11th December. The international expert panel includes Professor Lawrence Mead (New York University), Professor Doctor Sigrid Betzelt (Berlin School of Law and Economics), Dr Chris Grover (Lancaster University) and Professor Hartley Dean (London School of Economics). The panel will be presenting their views on ‘Conceptualising and Justifying Conditionality?’. The event is designed to bring together a range of international experts with differing perspectives on the justification of welfare conditionality, in order to inform and critically interrogate the project team’s thinking before fieldwork commences. Read More

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