An end to ‘lifetime’ tenancies? New magazine feature

November 19, 2015     Leave a Comment

Getting a tenancy in social housing generally used to mean that you could stay for as long as you wanted. But times are changing. Now it seems that the government wants to end so-called ‘lifetime’ tenancies in England. Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Dr Beth Watts from our research team consider our emerging evidence on fixed term tenancies in a new feature for Inside Housing magazine. Read their recent presentation slides.

Guest blog: sanctions and the right to human dignity

November 18, 2015     Leave a Comment

Our latest guest blogger Mark Simpson of Ulster University explores questions about what respect for human dignity means in law. Following unsuccessful judicial challenges on human rights grounds to the household benefit cap and to mandatory work placements, he considers whether the fundamental right to human dignity is respected by a third pillar of the UK’s ‘welfare-to-work’ regime – Jobseeker’s Allowance sanctions. Read the blog here

New blog: Public Spaces Protection Orders, rough sleepers and media storms

November 9, 2015     Leave a Comment

Our new blog by team member Sarah Johnsen investigates the development of Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs). Proposals to develop them in a number of towns and cities have provoked controversy, most especially with respect to the increased powers they provide to fine or prosecute people for sleeping rough. Perpetrators may be given a fixed penalty notice of up to £100 or face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000. Feelings both for and against the use of enforcement tend to be very strong, she writes. Read her blog.

More conditionality in social housing? – ask presentations

October 20, 2015     Leave a Comment

Are we seeing more conditionality in social housing? That was the theme of recent presentations by team members Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Beth Watts. Professor Fitzpatrick at the National Housing Federation management conference and Dr Watts the Social Housing Research and Insight Conference this month outlined the shift away from the ‘home for life’ model in England. The situation is contrasted with that in Scotland, where there has been little appetite for fixed-term tenancies. Read their slides here.

Professor Peter Dwyer delivers Sir Roland Wilson public lecture

October 5, 2015     Leave a Comment

Our Director Professor Peter Dwyer delivered this year’s prestigious Sir Roland Wilson public lecture at Australian National University in Canberra last month. His theme was: Justifying conditionality: sanctions, support and behaviour change in the UK. In a wide-ranging address he charted the history of conditionalilty and social citizenship in the UK before outlining some insights from our research. Read his slides here.

Universal Credit: claimants’ early experiences

September 22, 2015     Leave a Comment

Our Director Professor Peter Dwyer presented early data from our research at an international conference in Australia last week. He outlined early experiences and expectations of Universal Credit claimants in the UK. The event, focused on welfare reform, was hosted by the Australian National University. See his presentation slides here.

Guest blog: lots of pain for not much gain in Scotland

September 21, 2015     Leave a Comment

In this new blog, Christina Beatty and Steve Fothergill from the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University, summarise four research reports they have published on the effects of welfare reform in Scotland. They find that to date, there is no evidence of positive labour market impacts in that country. Read the full story

(How) does welfare conditionality work?

September 16, 2015     Leave a Comment

That was the title of a presentation about our research to a Social Policy Association event on 11 September. Our Director Professor Peter Dwyer was one of seven speakers to address the roundtable event held at the British Library. His presentation is here.

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