Seriously detrimental effects of conditionality on EU migrants in UK – new paper

July 20, 2018     Leave a Comment

A new paper by WelCond team members highlights the way conditionality operating at three levels (the EU supra-national level, the UK national level and in migrants’ mundane ‘street level’ encounters with social security administrators) comes together to restrict and have a negative impact on the social rights of EU migrants living in the UK. WelCond Director Professor Peter Dwyer from the University of York, Drs Lisa Scullion and Katy Jones from the University of Salford and Dr Alasdair B R Stewart from the University of Glasgow drew on evidence from our five-year WelCond project in their paper. The impact of conditionality on the welfare rights of EU migrants in the UK is available free, in open access.

Watch our video explainer about this work. Read our final findings paper on migrants in the UK.

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