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Broken Britain? Welfare Conditionality and Anti-social Behaviour

October 16, 2014     Leave a Comment

In the next of our highlighted briefing papers, John Flint explores anti-social behaviour in relation to conditionality.

The riots in English cities in 2011 magnified debates about the extent to which a ‘Broken Britain’ had emerged in which urban disorder, and more mundane but persistent anti-social behaviour, were manifestations of crumbling community fabrics, declining citizen responsibility and a failing criminal justice system. Despite the furious debates following the summer of 2011, tackling anti-social behaviour has not been given the rhetorical or legislative prioritisation by the Coalition that had characterised the New Labour administration and, in particular, the personal commitment of Prime Minister Tony Blair to a ‘Respect Agenda’ which had seen a plethora of new measures and the introduction of the now infamous ASBO. However, as our recently published Briefing Paper: Anti-Social Behaviour discusses,  the Coalition Government has recently introduced the new Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

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Project Publications Launched Today

September 11, 2014     Leave a Comment

Today marks the launch of a number of publications by the research team. We have a round-up paper, commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which considers how effective welfare conditionality is, what the impacts are, how different groups fare, and to what extent it can be morally justified. The report can be downloaded from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website, and you can read more about the findings in a blog by authors Dr Beth Watts and Prof Suzanne Fitzpatrick.

We have also published eight briefing papers, each outlining the ‘state of play’ in a particular area of policy. These policy areas are being examined closely as part of the research, and the papers lay out the current status of conditionality for each group of people. The papers can be downloaded from our Publications section.

Share your views: we invite your comments and thoughts on our papers through the comments sections on each page.

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